Jaroslav Řeřábek, for the kind support of the town of Sázava and his partner, Star D.C. Company, organizes the second year of the tournament in Blitz Chess.

Term: 30. 5. 2020 (cancelled due to Covid-19)

Playing tempo and system: 2 x 5 minutes per game, 13-round Swiss system
Venue: Společenský dům (Social House), Poznaňská 439, 285 06 Sázava.
GPS: N 49°52.66488′, E 14°54.23680′

Schedule:           9:15 – 9:45 Presence
10:00 Opening of the tournament
15:00 anticipated end of the tournament

Connection from Prague: train or bus No. 382, ​​or by car on the D1 motorway, 34 km

Entry fee: 100 CZK for pre-registered players, 80 CZK for pre-registered players with the title FM, Women, Juniors (born 1999 and later), Seniors (born 1957 and older) and TJ Kavalier Sazava. For non-subscribers in advance, an extra CZK 30 fee is payable. GM, IM, WGM, and WIM are not eligible. The entry fee includes a fee for the ELO FIDE score in the Blitz Chess. The entry fee is paid in cash when attending.

Applications (only for English and German speaking participants):

Until 20th May 2020: hlavac@seznam.cz

Price list: 1st prize 3000 CZK, 2nd prize 2000 CZK, 3rd prize 1000 CZK, 4th prize 900 CZK, ‚
5th price 800 CZK, 6th price 700 CZK, 7th price 600 CZK, 8th price 500 CZK, 9th price 400 CZK, 10th price 300 CZK, 11th price 200 CZK, 12th price 100 CZK.

Special prizes: best woman 300 CZK, best senior 300 CZK, best junior U20 300 CZK.

Ranking: 1. Number of points, 2. Middle Buchholz without the worst result, 3. Buchholz, 4. Highest average ELO opponents.

Material: Each odd player will bring a chess set and a clock. Lending for 100 CZK – limited quantity.

Credit: ELO FIDE for Blitz Chess.